translated from Spanish: Morelia’s town hall continues with cleaning works of the dren Gertrude Sánchez

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Morelia, Michoacán.-Permanent cleaning of the rivers and drains of the municipality will be maintained during the rainy season and as a complementary work to the toilet that was already carried out at the beginning of the year of the bodies of water. On this occasion continue the work in the drain Gertrude Sanchez.
In this sense, the city of Morelia prevents with Chaponeo, use of backhoes to improve the riverbed and removal of large solid waste to mitigate the risks to rainfall from moderate to strong.
Some of the colonies near this drain are: Valle de los Reyes, Gertrudis Sánchez, Olympic medallists or Valle del Real, to name a few. In which citizens are asked to join the cleaning, garbage collection, sewers or storm hydrants as a joint work between citizens and municipal authorities to carry out preventive work and avoid flooding in the season of Rains.
In addition, there are periodic tours headed by the mayor, Raúl Morón Orozco, in the different cárcamos of the city to anticipate their needs and respond to have an optimal functioning of these tools that allow to pump the rain water to the Correct channels for the vent of rainwater runoff.
At the same time, municipal areas carry out periodic monitoring of rivers, drains, and climate monitoring units to carry out timely actions in the event of any contingency that may occur during the rainy season.

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