translated from Spanish: Presents Brenda Fraga’s political Judgement Law Initiative

Morelia Michoacán.- On June 12, 2019, the local deputy, Brenda Fraga Gutiérrez, presented an initiative that issued a new law of political judgement of the state of Michoacán, which will seek to transparent the procedures and to provide certainty to the institutions and to the general public.
The local legislator of the Labor Party (PT), said that in recent months several requests for political judgment have come to the legislature, however, said that at different times and for various reasons his course and processing is not what they wanted, where Beginning to end was a clear and accurate process.
«It is for this reason that I propose that we should specify instances, define deadlines and, in general, give certainty about the procedure, that is what this initiative seeks, all in the sociopolitical context of a more and better informed citizenship , plaintiff of results and justice, «he said.
The coordinator of the GPPT indicated that they are faced with the need to confirm what they have already said in the adequacy of the legal framework, to show all the will to make effective a rule of law that ensures that, in the exercise of the public service is They must demand one another, an act congruent with that of our representation, with the vocation of service and honesty, always within the legality and in search of the common good.
«In view of the legislative changes (such as the elimination of Constitutional Law) and also of the political and social ones, it is necessary to update the act by organising and clarifying the respective regulations; Citizenship, in turn, requires precise ordinations that give certainty to the procedure that can be exerted against any of the public servants subject to it, «he concluded.

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