translated from Spanish: A teacher pleaded guilty to having sex with her 13 year old student

Brittany Zamora (28) was arrested in March 2018 accused of having sexual relations with a 13-year-old student. This Tuesday he pleaded guilty to crimes of child sexual abuse, sexual conduct and public sexual indecency with a minor. The child’s parents read some messages that their son exchanged with a woman. Finally, according to the 13-year-old boy’s account and his colleagues ‘ statements, they discovered that it was his teacher at Las Brisas Academy School in Goodyear, Arizona. It all started in the early 2018, when the child’s parents felt strange behavior. They decided to install on their cell phone an application called Sentry parental Control, which monitors messages for suspicious content. The application analyzes messages and photos and alerts parents. They received many alerts and asked their child what was going on: «We told him we had to know the truth. We showed him the conversation and asked who he was. He said, «My teacher,» the stepmother told the police reports, and went on: «My husband said to him,» ‘ Have you done anything with your teacher? ‘, did you have sex? ‘ and he replied that if. » She said she wanted to have me oral sex and that my member was very big, «the student stated quoting the pitched conversations he had with his teacher. This statement is summed up by the testimony of another student at the school who said that he saw his teacher and classmate having sexual intercourse. The teacher asked her to watch for no one to enter the classroom. «It was very uncomfortable,» he revealed. Another strong test is the messages between the two. They said I love you and there was an exchange of intimate photographs. The first encounters were given when the teacher’s husband was traveling. They met in their car on some occasions and there they kissed and had sex.

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