translated from Spanish: Cabildo of Morelia guarantees the creation of guidelines for the Protection of women victims of violence in the municipality

Morelia, Mich. In order to extend a line of protection to women victims of violence, including the participation of different municipal units, the Cabildo of Morelia approved this afternoon unanimously in ordinary session, the creation of guidelines for action, which should adhere to the State protocol for this type of situation.

In recognition
That it was necessary to create public policies that strengthen and seek the safeguarding of the integrity of women, the plenary of Cabildo was in favour of this initiative, which they mentioned, will give greater security and ensure adequate attention to the Victims.
Already approved, several commissions will proceed to define the points that will form this procedure, which must be developed in the same tenor as the one established in the strategy of the State and the Federation.

Regulations for design of roads are authorised
In order to mark a precedent and give meaning to the growth of the municipality, the Cabildo gave its approval for the consolidation of a technical standard of street design, in which, the new roads should be based, as well as the works of rehabilitation , which will benefit the mobility of pedestrians and vehicles.
This decision will allow specific characteristics to be fulfilled in each of the modifications and new roads, in addition to making the coexistence of pedestrians, bicycles and automobiles more harmonious, I also took into account inclusion factors To allow the transit of people with disabilities.
Rendered protest
The citizen, José Estrada Rodríguez, protested as the new head of tenure of Teremendo de los Reyes, to be elected in the elections held a few weeks ago and immediately held the first meeting with the authorities to define lines of work.

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