translated from Spanish: Chancellor Ribera anticipates what awaits the ministry under his command: «We have to prioritize relationships»

In his early hours as new minister of Exte relations Riores, Teodoro Ribera, arrives to replace Roberto Ampuero, who had a management marked by the social, economic and political crisis that Venezuela lives and the role that Chile has had with its gestures of support to the opposition to the mature regime led by the President Manager John Guaidó.
This support to Guaidó will continue to be expressed under the command of Ribera, since «this ministry will continue with a State policy, it will remain a ministry that represents the interests of Chile, it will continue being a ministry that seeks to strengthen the capacities that has Chile worldwide. »
«We recognize that today we are at a special moment in international relations, where there is an increasingly growing economic confrontation, but we also hope that this will not affect us more than we necessarily have to affect today. Day in economic matters, «he added, in statements collected by T13.
In this sense, Ribera indicated that, as a ministry, «We have to prioritize relations with the environment, we have to strengthen and intensify these relationships, we have to increase trade relations with Latin America, in short, we have to do Also a significant contribution to combating human rights and governance in our own neighborhood. »
For that, the new Chancellor noted that they have «new law of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be implemented, because this government complies with the laws.»
Then, «We have an interesting but challenging international agenda where two great world powers debate their global hegemony and a small country like ours has to know how to dance well.»
«Third, we have a complex Latin American environment where human rights are violated, where Venezuelan migration is not only a Venezuelan problem, it is a problem that affects all of us who want human rights and who want stability», Sentenced.

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