translated from Spanish: Cornejo: “Together for the change was ratified by the UCR”

This Wednesday, the president of the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo, participated in the meeting of the National Committee, which ratified the signing of the front “together for change” and noted that the meeting also revalidated the incorporation of Miguel Ángel Pichetto unanimously. He also highlighted the consensuará of a list of national deputies and senators and that there will be a possibility of internalization in the provinces where no agreement is reached. Cornejo indicated that to assemble the list will take into account the incorporation of radicals, as happened in the elections of 2015, only that “we will have to shuffle and give back because there are eight provinces that now elect and that in the last election were not Incorporated “. On its place in the next elections, the current president of Mendoza expressed that he has no decision whether or not he will be a candidate and that in any case this will be taken later. ” It is a definition that will be taken at the end of the year, when the new chambers of Congress are constituted in December, “he said. As for the figure of Pichetto and the new announcement of the presidential formula of the Macrismo, said that in this way “the composition is expanded, the name is changed and this is very positive”, taking into account that it was one of the orders that had been rising for some time. In this note:
UCR Committee
Alfredo Cornejo

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