translated from Spanish: On June 27th you could tell if it will be clear on the day of the solar eclipse

The Meteorological Office of Chile (DMC) reported that the weather forecast for the solar eclipse Day in early July can only be known clearly on Thursday, June 27th.
On July 2, Chile will witness a total solar eclipse, whose beginning is calculated for 13.01 hours, reaching total darkness at 16.38, which can be seen in the regions of Atacama and Coquimbo, including cities or towns such as La Serena, Cachiyuyo , La Higuera, Incahuasi, Chañaral and Guanaquero.
To this MeteoChile has reported that because many of the places where you can enjoy the eclipse are coastal areas and it will develop in winter, there is a great possibility of cloudiness, or even rain. However, MeteoChile noted that only the forecast will be known five days before the astronomical event.
«We make a forecast for five days, seven days a projection and ten or twelve days an approximation, but quite general. We use indicators that are blocking (high pressure areas), like what happens now in the south, which has generated that all frontal systems are crossing the central zone, «explains Arnaldo Zúñiga, head of dissemination and monitoring of the DMC, according to the Third.
Zúñiga said that the percentage of success is high, «we are about 88% in the medium term and in the short term about 90%. Our product, which is certified by the ISO 9000 standard, is quite credible. We have to measure what we have shown, «the DMC professional added.
However, the seasonal forecast for June, July and August is now available. Although this report is issued in general terms, and has to do with the weather forecast, it gives some clues for the historic day. For example, in the case of precipitation, for the region of Coquimbo, it indicates that these will be under normal, whereas in the region of Atacama, a dry season is estimated.
With respect to the maximum and minimum temperatures, in all of the North Grande and North Chico, the DMC points out that it will be normal or warmer than normal. «We are with a phenomenon of the weak child, that each day is weakened more, and we could reach a neutral stage and then possibly the phenomenon of the girl. This implies that the forecasts, which are low with respect to the rains, are maintained, and is likely to remain dry during the winter, «Zúñiga establishes.

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