translated from Spanish: Request FGR freedom of migrants ‘ defender Mujica Árzate

CDMX.-the attorney General’s office (FGR) said that it will appeal the freedom for the crime of trafficking of persons dictated by a control judge of Chiapas in favour of the activist Irineo Mujica Árzate, in estimating that there is sufficient evidence against him.

At the same time, the federal unit said that it still studies the case of Cristóbal Sánchez Sánchez, also an activist in favour of migrants and freed from the same criminal cause, to proceed legally in the most convenient way.

«The FGR, through its delegation in Chiapas, will appeal within the next three days, the car of the district judge, specializing in the criminal adversarial system, of the Federal Criminal Justice Center based in Tapachula, Chiapas, which denied the connection to the process, to Irineo «M», who already had an arrest warrant, issued by a federal judge, «the prosecution said in a statement. 

«The foregoing shall be carried out on the grounds that the evidence of discharge submitted by the accused is not in any way extorted from his responsibility for the offences of which he was charged, with conclusive evidence that he is certainly involved in the facts referred to, and the Probanzas offered by the accused confirm the foregoing. »

The prosecutor’s Office noted that, for the above reasons, it will continue to support Honduran migrants who filed the complaint for trafficking in persons against Mujica, director of the Association
People without Borders, in Sonora.

«Because of what makes Cristóbal ‘ S ‘, all the evidence is being carefully studied to proceed in the manner legally appropriate,» he added.

In the last few hours, activists left a prison in Chiapas after a week of being detained.

In the case of Irineo Mujica, he was arrested in Sonora last Wednesday on the basis of an arrest warrant for the crime of transporting migrants with the aggravation that such conduct was made with respect to children and adolescents.

Regarding Cristóbal Sánchez, captured in Xochimilco, in the capital, the apprehension was turned by the crime of introduction of people to national territory without the corresponding documentation.

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