translated from Spanish: Romy Rutherford: “I have strictly respected TC resolution”

The Minister in court visit, Romy Rutherford, ruled out not to respect what was resolved by the Constitutional Court (TC), with regard to the cause that is still against the former commander-in-chief of the Army, Humberto Oviedo. In a brief statement, Rutherford pointed out that “I want to explain that this court has strictly respected, as appropriate, the TC resolution dated 9 January, so it has not been carried out since that date any diligence that says relation to the accused Humberto Oviedo, in the so-called Arista tourism companies. In the same line, the minister said that “the cause that Sustancio currently has 29 edges, which continue to be processed separately.” The court-martial minister’s clarification arose after the third assured that Rutherford was investigating the voyages of the last four army commanders, from 2006 to the present. It should be recalled that the judge explores the so-called edge “tourism companies”, a case that is investigated as a possible triangulation of funds in the purchase of tickets from the military institution, where monies that ended up in the bank accounts of some Uniformed, plus a pleasant holiday with tax costs.

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