translated from Spanish: Services suspended in ISSSTE Queretaro by elevators not working

Queretaro.-The General Hospital of the ISSSTE in Queretaro announced the suspension of all its services, except emergencies and hospitalization, because the elevators do not serve. One has not worked for 14 months and the other since Sunday, when it broke with people inside who had to be rescued by firefighters.

In social networks circulate some videos where it is appreciated how several patients are moved in stretchers down the stairs. The director of the hospital Diana Yudith Miranda Salazar, notified on June 10, by trade, which entered into operational contingency.
“The lack of elevators has caused that the patients of hospitalization of the three floors are not able to go up and down, to the area of intensive care, endoscopy, transfer of bodies to the mortuary, to raise food and ropes, sampling of laboratory and of Radiological studies, as well as RPBI “, was indicated. To show the problem, a nurse from the hospital recorded and broadcast a video of the moment when five orderlies descended with difficulty a corpse almost dragged down the stairs.
In public complaints, the staff attributed the responsibility to the dispatch of the state delegation of ISSSTE, which “has not moved a finger” from the departure of the delegate Cándido Pérez to get the operation of the elevators. The staff at that hospital have reported other deficiencies, such as lack of washing machines for bedding and robes, to first-need drugs, as well as layoffs.

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