translated from Spanish: Próvolo: In August, the trial of accused priests of abuse begins

After long months of waiting, the justice set date for which will be one of the most important judgements of Mendoza: they will sit on the bench of the Acusdos Nicola Corradi, Horacio Cobacho and Armando Gómez. The three are imputrados by sexual abuse against students of the Antonio Próvolo Institute, which operated in Luján de Cuyo.De according to the information provided by the Public Ministry, the process will start on August 5 and extend for several days. It is expected to be completed on August 30 and that all hearings will be held in the morning: from 8:30 to 13 pm. In this opportunity three people will be judged, but then other trials must be initiated, since the nun Kosaka Kumiko and the directors and administrative officers of the Antonio Próvolo Institute must also respond to justice. How did it all rip off?  The first complaint was recorded in November 2016. It was Senator Daniela García who received Luis Batistelli, the president of the Movement of the Deaf of Mendoza. The man expressed the grave situation for which they were going through students: they were abused in the institution. The legislator went to justice and there began a long process that ended with three causes: in the first is investigated for sexual abuse of the priests Nicola Corradi and Horacio Cobacho and the former administrative Armando Gómez. In the second case, the accused by cover-up and also by abuse is the nun Kosaka Kumiko. In the third, the responsibility of the former legal representative of the Institute, Graciela Pascual, is investigated. In the latter case, Justice considers that the woman did not denounce the situation, despite being aware of what was happening. In total, there are 14 victims and the facts, 49. It should be noted that in the case is already condemned Jorge Bordon, the altar boy who agreed to an abbreviated trial. The syndicate accepted charges of sexual abuse with carnal access and now faces a 10-year prison sentence with effective enforcement. Punctually, it was considered as “the right hand of Corradi”. In this note:
Próvolo case
Luján de Cuyo

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