translated from Spanish: Red Deputy proposes questioning to Minister Marcela Cubillos instead of a constitutional indictment

The president of the Education Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Camila Rojas (Comunes), pushes an appeal against the Minister of Education, Marcela Cubillos, instead of the constitutional accusation they are proposing from the PS bench. According to La Tercera, the FA MEP will arrive with the document «A legitimate, effective and anchored opposition in society» to the meeting that the Socialist Party bench will hold on Monday, where the option of a constitutional indictment against Cubillos. According to the text, a constitutional indictment could end up «favouring» Cubillos, stressing that «a path beginning at the end would not have the necessary parliamentary support and risks becoming a testimonial intervention, ending up strengthening support for the minister and ratifying her regressive and authoritarian agenda.» On the other hand, according to Rojas, an appeal would force «to respond for deficits and defaults in its portfolio and, eventually, may end and not begin with a constitutional indictment, with sufficient political and social support to weaken substantiveagenda the government’s non-educational agenda.» For that, the text says, it will be necessary to «gather in a single scene all the flanks opened by the Mineduc, considering breaches, negligence and political decisions; we are talking about parliamentary appeal. In this way, we believe that it is possible to articulate in the same direction all the sensitivities existing in the current opposition,» says La Tercera. What Mrs Rojas seeks is to «articulate a political opposition anchored to society,» leaving behind a «fragmented, scattered and self-absorbed opposition, which seeks to dwarf the challenge to the election of one or the other parliamentary tool and which privileges particular action over the joint.» It should be mentioned that, if parliamentarians have the support of parliamentarians, 53 signatures must be put together to enter the questioning in the Chamber of Deputies.

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