translated from Spanish: The Rodríguez Saá brothers face the elections in San Luis

In a climate marked by the closing of alliances at national level, this Sunday the province of San Luis will define a “new” governorate. There are six nominations where three characters stand out. The brothers Rodriguez Saá are faced. The governor, Alberto, against the senator, Adolfo. In the middle of the two is Claudio Poggi, the candidate to change. Alberto goes for his fourth term (and now passes his third management); Adolfo was governor for five consecutive periods while Poggi ruled San Luis in the period 2011-2015. The enrollees are 383,766, which will also have to vote mayors, municipal commissioners, legislators (Deputies and senators ) and councillors.

The governor goes for his re-election accompanied by the current Minister of government and cult, Eduardo Mones Ruiz, and with the Seal Peronist unit, an electoral front that has as a backbone to the PJ of San Luis, where the president managed to marginalize the sector of his Brother. Adolfo on his part was asked to leave the Senate to put himself at the head of the front together by the people, with provincial deputy Marcelo Sosa as a partner of formula and concentrate on the goal of returning to the government. Poggi also wants to return to the place he occupied between 2011 and 2015 but in the hands of the national officer, who in the province adopted the name San Luis Unido and completes the formula with the mayor of the capital, Enrique Ponce, as candidate for lieutenant governor. On the closing of the campaign, Adolfo made an allusion to the outcome of all the provincial elections that were held so far in the rest of the country and held that the officer of St. Louis, will be “the first to lose.”

In addition, he warned that the Albertism asked his prosecutors to “use the vows” destined to him and assured that, faced with this, the prosecutors of together by the people “are prepared”, but also called on the Poggi sector to “help” control the scrutiny . Meanwhile, Poggi noted that the Rodriguez Saá “want to show that they are first and second, but Sunday will come out second and third” and questioned the allegations that the brothers did each other during the campaign and focused attention.

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