translated from Spanish: «We’re going to have to eat it for a month»: Charlie Hebdo’s misogynistic women’s World Cup cover

Again the satirical French weekly, Charlie Hebdo, stole social media attention over a controversy cover dedicated to the Women’s World Cup 2019.
«We’re going to have to eat it for a month,» the title of the cover is accompanied by a football entering a vagina.
According to the magazine’s editorial line, the cover is an invitation to question whether women’s football «should also participate in the haunting of crowds so that they take themselves seriously and consider themselves equal to men’s football.»
«It’s sad to see women’s football strive to become as stupid, vulgar and cynical as men’s play. When the referees of women’s matches have become as corrupt as those officiating for men, when women’s world cups are held in stadiums where pregnant women are electrically tortured, women’s football and women’s football religion of equality will have won. We don’t know what they’ll have won, but they’ll have won it,» they said in the magazine.
Criticism on social media
The cover of the weekly who faced a terrorist attack in 2014, was classified as a humiliation; a misogynistic and sexist joke. 
«Thousands of women supported the journal Charli Hebdo with messages like ‘Je suis Charlie’. This week, because of the women’s football world championship, so they decide to stand in solidarity with women,» wrote a Twitter user, generating more than 500 reactions.
«It’s a humiliation in reducing the dreams and ambitions of being footballers to pussies on a football field,» she continued.
For others on the other hand, the cover is just another black humor play from the publisher.
However, in a society where women are accustomed to cosifying as sexual objects, it is clear that the cover would cause controversy and be linked to the machismo that is so sought to eradicate.

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