translated from Spanish: Beijing hosts showcase of Latin American art

The World Art Museum in Beijing hosts a 48-year-old exhibition of 48 works by Latin American and Caribbean artists until June 20. The exhibition makes it possible for “the art of distant countries to travel across the ocean and reveal here its unique charm,” said Chen Chunmei, President of the Supervisory Board of china’s Art and Entertainment Group by leaving the Art Exhibition on Friday Latin American and Caribbean.

Under the title “Share Beauty”, the sixth edition of the event brings to Beijing pieces of four renowned exponents of the visual arts of Uruguay, Mexico, Costa Rica and Cuba.” I hope that hosting this exhibition can help promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Latin America and the Caribbean, while expanding through art understanding and friendship among our peoples,” Chen said.Cuban Ambassador to China Miguel Miguel Angel Ramirez thanked colleagues from the Chinese Art and Entertainment Group and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for making the joint exhibition possible with the diplomatic representations of Uruguay, Mexico, Costa Rica and Cuba.

“The fact that our art can reach China and be enjoyed by its people has great relevance for increasing mutual knowledge between our countries and allows us to move even closer together,” he added. The Mexican ambassador, José Luis Bernal, advocated that the exhibition serve as a “fruitful exchange of ideas”, while his Uruguayan counterpart, Fernando Lugris, stressed that his country’s artistic communities and China have become closer since Montevideo in 2016, the Strip and The Route initiative.Among the participating artists, the Cuban Li Domínguez Fong and Costa Rica’s Man Yu have Chinese roots that enrich their respective pictorial discourses. Mexico’s Plinio Avila proposes a reflection on the boundaries between art and mass production from landscapes painted by unknown Chinese artists and then sold in Europe. Meanwhile, the Uruguayan Gustavo Fernández is inspired by objects of daily life and nourishes them with a spirituality and worldview of his own. 

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