translated from Spanish: DH Ombudsman submits application for ownership of the Missing Persons Search Commission in Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán.- Lawyer and human rights activist Marco Antonio Hernández Zaragoza filed his application to be appointed holder of the State Missing Persons Search Commission in Michoacán.
Throughout his career, this professional has developed a wide history for human rights, both from civil organizations and in different positions of the public administration.
Hernández Zaragoza is founder of the first Commission on Human Rights A.C. and currently serves as Director of First Contact Care at the State Executive Commission on Victim Care.
In the last six months Hernández Zaragoza has had an intense activity in the field by participating in the IV and V International Caravanas of Search for Missing Persons in Michoacán and that yielded positive results.
During these days of searching for missing persons all regions of the entity were visited to work on the location of missing persons.
With a joint work with the state and national groups, Hernández Zaragoza, they managed to obtain more than 70 possible positives, that is, indications of equal number of missing persons, with which they can find their whereabouts.
Currently Hernández Zaragoza holds a master’s degree in oral law and also has extensive academic preparation for human rights.
His social activism has allowed him to be linked to civil organizations and have a joint work, which has allowed him to advance the complex and difficult problem in the violation of human rights and enforced disappearances.
Luis Ventura de la Rosa Orozco, State Human Rights Award and winner with the Generalísimo Morelos Award 2019 stated that Hernández Zaragoza is the ideal profile for the State Commission for the Search for Missing Persons.
“This is a complex and delicate subject. It requires not only the will to work, but a very intense academic and social preparation.
“Marco has experience in defending human rights and also in the issue of searching for missing persons, so it will be a guarantee for the achievement of results.
“We as human rights defenders want officials with that profile; know the problems in the field; that are linked to organizations and that have the academic and social preparation required by that entruste. That’s why he has our support,” he said.
Other organizations that support the proposal of Marco Antonio Hernández Zaragoza for the State Search Commission are the Bar of Generalísimo Morelos, the Collective “In your Search”, Collective Solidarity in Fight and Fair Causes of Apatzingán A. C.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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