translated from Spanish: Investigation follows against David Membrilla, former press director

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Although it is no longer part of the municipal administration, David Membrila Cisneros is still in the process of investigation by the Union of Procurement and even by the Internal Control Body of the City of Ahome.As confirmed by Angelina Valenzuela Benites, a demanding ombudsman, who warned that although he is no longer an official, the antecedent of the allegedly infringing facts exists and, therefore, the review process must remain until a ruling on the case of the former director of Social Communication.

The investigation doesn’t close because I think it lasted a period as an official and that’s where he acquired or benefited as a provider

Questioned whether Membrila Cisneros could continue as an official even though she is no longer part of Manuel Guillermo Chapman Moreno’s cabinet, the official clarified that under no circumstances can this be. «No. To begin with they sign, before they become suppliers sign and there they are already falling into serious violations. They sign not to have any conflict of interest, family; they are made to sign some documents and they are not really complying with them.» He reiterated that even if he was no longer in the civil service, it does not mean that the case would be given a folder. Don’t know about changes
On the changes both in the area of Communication, where Membrila Cisneros came out and instead came Alfredo Padilla González, and in Obras Públicas, left by Carlos Julio Fierro, the official said that she did not know them until the media informed him.» We are not aware, we find out for you the media that Mr. Membrila left, but we have the investigation, we are almost done, we are already bringing all the elements that will proceed to take it to the Internal Body of Control or, at once, some civil or criminal complaint as the case may be.» History
David Membrila was noted for allegedly favoring an advertising contract through Connect 95.3 FM, digital radio of which he was director and manages his family and for which he received more than 90 thousand pesos per month. To understand… David Membrilla leaves the Membership functionIt was last Wednesday when Mayor Manuel Guillermo Chapman Moreno announced the departure office of David Membrila from the directorate of Social Communication, to which Alfredo Padilla supplied. The now former official became embroiled in several scandals, one of them was the act of harassment he performed against a journalist from this publishing house of EL DEBATE while she was doing her job; In addition, he was told that he had an advertising contract through the connect 95.3 FM medium, for which he received more than 90 thousand pesos per month. The mayor made no mention of the causes of the dismissal.

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