translated from Spanish: Junk case splashes the Broad Front: authorities set off alarms for ENP leader involved

The «Junk Case» regenerates controversy, not just because l Mayor, the former mayor of Uñoa, Pedro Sabat, must face a new formalization for repeated crime of incompatible negotiation, but because the name of a renowned front-ampista leader of the Green Environmental Party (PEV) came to light again. Involved.
This is José Eduardo Medina, member of the National Council of the ENP, by the Metropolitan Region, who has been linked to the controversial case due to recordings that were published on YouTube. Medina appeared there, in 2009, offering to help KDM executive Fernando León to stop the proposal for the proActiva company’s tender.
Medina was part of the Monitoring Committee for the Santiago Poniente landfill project, which belonged to Proactiva and also president of the Maipú Environmental Defense Council. The current leader of the PEV criticizes Leon for the lack of payments by KDM: «I want to tell you the egg shot, you am the manager of the weá, you looked for the wea, you had me for a year without throwing me lucas… All I’m telling you, Fernando, catch up… There’s no wea of principle here, compadre, here the wea is a ticket.»
The text was refloated a few weeks ago by the media La Voz de Maipú, in the report «Judgment caso basura already has date: he knows his protagonists of the UDI to the Broad Front». Publication that caused a stir and «some panic» among the leaders of the Broad Front, even more so because one of the main whistleblowers in the case is Claudia Mix, the current Deputy of Commons.
«With this, the speech of clean hands does not work,» they point out from the conglomerate.
Faced with a possible scandal over the inclusion of a front-profiler in the case, the FA table sent a letter to the ENP board to find out Medina’s status in the party. The response came from the president of the environmentalists and Congressman González would have pointed out that his case was currently reviewed by the party’s Supreme Court.
A response that has been seen as «inadequate» by several FA leaders, who hope this will be «resolved soon,» so that «they don’t put us all in the miso jar.»
The Counter consulted the ENP’s directive on the Case and noted that «Eduardo Medina is being prosecuted in the party by the Supreme Court» of December 2018, they emphasize that he is one more in the 30 subpoenas made by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and that the measures are not they are thinking about whether Medina is found innocent or guilty, as that will be defined by justice.
They added that the TS «is in its right times, allowed in the Political Parties Act and that they expect this to «come out later.» Sanctions for the environmental leader range from the suspension of his political rights and even expulsion from the party.

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