translated from Spanish: Lionel Messi: «There’s no time to lament and you have to get out of this»

Lionel Messi stood the face after the defeat at Arena Fonte Nova, and like Scaloni pointed out that the road is for what was shown in the second half. He also stressed that there is no time to lament and that the group is strong enough to get ahead with Paraguay next Wednesday.» The first half we were away from their goal, and so and all clear occasions did not have, but when we took a step forward, came the goal of them at our best. In a ball they make us a goal and cost.» On what was achieved in the second half, until Martinez’s goal, he assured. «It’s the way, keep what we did the first 30 minutes of the second half. Recover later, create our opportunities, lose and recover quickly. Try to lengthen that game and win to go on with a chance.» We let go more. In the first half we had the nerves to be the first game and when we let go, we found ourselves better. You have to take positive things out and think about what’s coming, without putting your arms down that’s too far away.» Now, Argentina must reweight itself with an almost-forced win over Paraguay, but showed solidarity. «There is a good group, a strong group that will come out of this and is ready to accept the challenge. We are going to face Paraguay with a lot of desire to win and get in the way.» More from Lionel Messi
«We have to get strong and raise our heads, try what we did in the second half to grow.»» South America matches are very hard-working, there’s not much room, the court didn’t get much good and you always need a little more time, but they’re not excuses. Let’s get up and get out of this.»» Colombia has very good players and closes lines. He’s a technician who’s already done it and here he’s lucky to have higher quality players, and they took advantage of that.» I don’t know if it was to end this way, I think we deserved a little more. In the first half I think they were superior, but in the second we were better. It happened like this and now it’s.» We continue to depending on ourselves, but by beating Paraguay we settle back and that is the idea of everyone, knowing what this defeat means. It’s not that I don’t mind losing, but there’s no time to grieve and you have to get out of this.» In this note:

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