translated from Spanish: Lionel Scaloni, at conference: “The second half was very good”

Lionel Scaloni took responsibility for the job in the first half and went out to bench the team, after achieving it in the second half, where Argentina was more but could not score and suffered from kickback.” The second half was the best. We made two or three adjustments. The team went out looking for more, there was a change of attitude. We talk a lot of things. The second half was worthy of Argentina. Colombia is a good team.” On the other hand, he responded to the change of Matías Suárez for Agéero, when it seemed that the match was asking for two points. “Suarez is a striker, can play on the left or 9. At that moment I preferred to make that change,” he said. More from Scalon at conference
“I find the state of the court regrettable. It leaves a lot to be desired for these footballers to play.” The second half would tell you it was very good. The goal is made by a kickback. No one will keep that, but we do and the things to correct have them written down””I think the last 25 of the first half they had one more midfielder and made us lower, and we couldn’t get out. That makes you go in the back.”” In every goal there are mistakes and things to correct but I’m not interested in blaming anyone and here we all lose, and we’re going to correct it among all”

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