translated from Spanish: Provolo: The Justice of La Plata asked Mendoza to transfer Corradi

The criminal justice of La Plata asked on Friday the Mendoza to order the transfer to the capital of the priest Nicolás Corradi, to be investigated by the alleged sexual abuse sordid housed in the Platol Pravolo Institute, during the decades of the 80 and 90, a judicial source reported. Corradi (83) is detained in Mendoza awaiting trial from 5 August for the same offences committed against deaf students of the Provolo Institute of Luján de Cuyo.» Platense Guarantees Judge Eduardo Luis Silva Pelossi today asked Mendoza Oral Court 2 to arrange for Corradi’s transfer to La Plata to be investigated by criminal prosecutor Cecilia Corfield,» a court source confirmed to the Télam.Corfield news agency charge of the case investigating the abuses committed by Corradi, the priest Eliseo Pirmatti and a teacher José Britez, for the sexual abuse and corruption of minors committed in the 1980s and 1990s against hypo-these hypotheses of the Provolo Institute located in 47th and 25th streets of La Plata.» The transfer order was made more than a month ago, but at that point it was explained that it was nearing the start of the trial against Corradi, but now that the trial was postponed for next August 5, we believe there will be no inconvenience to ordering the transfer priest to be investigated in La Plata,» the source said. Corradi is already detained in Mendoza, so only his transfer to an inquest remains; Pirmatti, is in Italy and has already been asked for extradition; while Britez is detained in La Plata and refused to testify. Nicolás Corradi, who was the highest authority of the Platonic Provolo Institute from 1970 to 1997, is charged by the justice of that city for the crimes of simple sexual abuse aggravated by his status as minister of Catholic worship and in charge of the guard for the grave harm to the victim’s health and repeated in at least three acts; and sexual abuse with aggravated carnal access reiterated in at least five facts as a necessary participant.» In this note:

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