translated from Spanish: «The Best of Memories»: Manu Hattom premiered the music video for «Summer»

For the loves, the moments and that season that we always remember. Manu Hattom premiered the music video for «Summer». «Everything changed, yesterday. We were all we had to be. But this is the beginning,» sings the chorus of the single.» Summer» is the first single that the musician presents as a preview of his new album: «High Season», which comes after «10 ways to transport himself by air» (2017).

About the release of his upcoming album, Hattom mentions: «Summer is the best of memories, the best of travel and the best of love.» The video clip is directed by Juana Blaya featuring renowned actress Julieta Zylberberg and Pedro Rosemblat.

Manu Hattom with Juliet a Zylberberg Photo: Instagram @manuhattom

The official video transports to the sunny season, swimming pool, and passenger loves but that remain in the memory. «Who didn’t have a summer romance?» he asks. It is destined for nostalgia, to those who can remember some bond that was born in pure heat, but that could not with autumn. Hattom was born in Zona Oeste de Gran Buenos Aires, is a rock-pop singer-songwriter with melancholy melodies and is about releasing his latest studio album «10 Ways to Air Transport».

In 2018, he was invited by Fito Páez to sing «Ayer», one of his songs from the third album. Let us remember that his first productions were «Benalmádena Despierta» (2013) and «Autopistas» (2016).

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