translated from Spanish: They identify the man executed in Tangamandapio

Tangamandapio, Mich.- The corpse of a man who was shot dead lay in an avocado orchard located in the town of La Cantera in this municipality of Tangamandapio. The matter was alerted to the Michoacan Police by the peasants themselves, official voices said. The deceased was a neighbor of the same locality.
According to the information obtained on the case, some workers in the field who were preparing to carry out their daily activities were those who found the now-western Public Safety, which arrived in a few minutes.
The representatives of the law sought the assistance of experts and ministerial agents of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office to take care of the competent measures. Arriving at the site located on the Camino Real leading to the Matagueño, the experts did several interviews and collected various clues in order to shed light on the crime.
This initiated the investigation folder in relation to homicide. The late was identified as José Luis M., L., alias «Nino», 30 years old, neighbor of the same population of La Cantera.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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