translated from Spanish: What to see at the movies this weekend?

This weekend has a plus because it is long, and one should already start thinking about what to do during these three days. There are many options, but if cinema is your thing I’ll leave you 4 movies that are on the line and you shouldn’t miss.» Not even in your dreams,» by Jonathan Levine
A romantic comedy in the running days is quite unusual but this premiere starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, is a great exception and also a refreshing joy.  He is a journalist who hired to make the speeches of an aspiring nation presidency who is nothing more and nothing less than one of her great childhood loves. With a chord humor and a chemistry perfect for the story, these two polar opposites revive that classic film genre that we love in the 80s and 90s and that today, is re-emerging from its ashes slowly but at a firm pace.

«Death Monster Dies,» by Alejandro Fadel
A woman appears headless in the middle of the Andes Mountains and a local policeman named Cruz, takes charge of the investigation. Her lover’s husband is the prime suspect, who eventually blames everything that happened on a monster. If there are three things to value about this film are direction, photography and production. If you like thriller/terror cinema this is a film that you will love because it is far from stereotypes and above all, far from everything you can know about genre cinema in Argentina.

«John Wick: Parabellum,» by Chad Stahelski
The John Wick universe (the eternal Keanu Reeves) is perhaps one of the last most interesting mafia and hitmen Hollywood has brought us in a long time. In this third installment, his head is worth $14 million after he removed a member of the clan to which he belonged. Once excommunicated, everyone is willing to eliminate it. If you miss the action scenes in the cinema, if you yearn for the extreme violence without justification and you get excited by the musicality of the hit after hit, this is your movie. Don’t hesitate.

«Rocketman,» by Dexter Fletcher
It’s much more than Elton John’s biography. It is the perfect chronology of the rise, rise and fall of an artist; but above all, of a human being marked by the disappointments of life who sought and found his refuge in art. He made his doubts and uncertainties, certainties and went deep to get afloat. It looks like the life of any artist but the difference with other biopics is that Rocketman in his fantasy halo and musicality, is raw and sincere. Taron Egerton plays an extraordinary role singing each of the songs that shape the film, because if there’s anything wonderful here is how the story is built from those songs. Music shapes the story, sorts it, harmonizes it, and defines it. Pin.

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