translated from Spanish: Full family is murdered in an Iowa home

Iowa, USA– Five members of a family were found killed in a house in West Des Moines, Iowa.Local media reported that the finding of the dead family occurred Saturday morning.

According to police reports, the victims were identified as Chandrasekhar, 44, Levanya Sunkara, 41, as well as two 15-year-olds and a 10-year-old boy.
The Des Moines Police Department arrived at the family home around 10 a.m., at 900 65th Street, where they confirmed that the lifeless bodies were in the lives, KCCI TV reported. Authorities reported that four other people – two adults and two minors – were staying in the house as guests, when the bodies were discovered. When one of the survivors was the one who managed to call for help. The data indicate that the survivor managed to ask for help from a neighbor who was walking in the area at the time, and the survivor made the call to the 911 emergency department.The police have not wanted to reveal further details or theories about what happened, given that the investigations they’re just getting started. Sgt. Dan Wade, indicated in a press release, that this tragedy will shock anyone who has known this family.» This tragedy will impact family, friends, co-workers, anyone who has known this family,» he said. Wade added that they will continue with investigations and questions related to what happened.» We continue to work on this investigation. We will continue until we have answered as many questions as evidence permits,» he added.

West Des Moines Police and the Iowa Criminal Investigation Division investigate multiple deaths at a home located in block 900 of 65th Street. Photo: AP

A similar case in Mexico
Puebla, Mexico.- A father and his son were shot dead at midnight last Saturday, June 15 during an armed attack on a family, where the mother and daughter were also injured, in the municipality of Tepeaca, in the state of Mexican Puebla.El fact happened at a home in the Eccehomo neighborhood of the aforementioned city, when an armed group stormed in and shot a family, leaving two dead – father and son – and two injuries – mother and daughter – who received urgent medical care after the Attack. The site was attended by public prosecutors to carry out the appropriate proceedings. So far the motive for the attack and the identity of those responsible for the crime, the portal El Sol de Puebla reported.

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