translated from Spanish: Peru school prohibits attending single mothers at Father’s Day event

Peru.- Unmarried mothers from Peru denounced a «discriminatory» act by school authorities where their children attend, under the legend:
«Only parents or someone who replaces them (male sex) will enter
Note: no mothers will be admitted.»

This is the school Colonel FAP Marco Antonio Schenone Oliva, which was called by the Peruvian Ombudsman to allow access to whistleblowers, as well as single mothers who decide to go otherwise would take criminal action, as it constitutes an act discriminatory, the Ombudsman’s point out through a Tweet.

#DeUnaVezPorTodas We require removal of the poster at Col. FAP Marco Antonio Schenone Oliva school that prohibits the entry of women in celebration of Father’s Day because it constitutes a discriminatory act and affects the best interests of a child. If action persists, we will assess criminal action.
— Ombudsman Peru (@Defensoria_Peru) 13 June 2019

In a local media interview, whistleblowers outlawed their annoyance, as the school’s announcement was discriminatory, and one of the single mothers said the principal forbade their daughters from entering the event as they have no father.

For its part the school argued that it was not well interpreted the announcement, because for the school what it was looking for was the participation of the parents in the event, local media highlighted.

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