translated from Spanish: RN responds to UDI for complaints about ministerial adjustment and points to the opposition: «Our opponents are not here, they are out there»

Vice President of National Renewal (RN), Deputy Paul ina Núñez, and the parliamentarians Diego Schalper, Francisco Eguiguren and Sebastián Torrealba, emphasized that Antonio Varas’ shop is square with the President of the Republic.
In this regard, lawmaker Nunez clarified that the opposition is disjointed and that «the left today fails to agree. We have seen how their great spokesmen or iconic leaders have said that not only did they have a disastrous electoral result, but they also have a terrible future in perspective.»
In addition, Mrs RN added that «from that point of view, the disarticulation they have, the disconnection they have with the citizens, goes to the point that they have had to go so far as to criticize the captain of the women’s selection of our country, because she simply gave her because she simply said she felt identified with the ideas of the center-right, of National Renewal.»
In addition, he called on the opposition to think of Chile and realize that what Chileans are looking for is that they talk to those who currently rule Chile.
«That’s why, from National Renewal we’re going to play a role with The Christian Democracy (DC), because we’re Chile Vamos’s party, the governing party, that can build bridges with the opposition, especially with the phalanx, in such a way that we can have a majority in the Congress that allows us to govern, to give solutions to Chileans, and, mainly, to be able to work on institutional issues and political reforms,» Núñez clarified.
At the same time, the Vice-President of RN recalled that the results of the last CEP survey reflected the good assessment of those in the sector. «The Education Minister comes out with very good support, which means that in that matter we are doing things right,» she said.
A message to the UDI
Regarding the UDI’s criticism of the appointment of an RN militant in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Varas’ collectivity deputy Diego Schalper stated that «if we had had a board of directors, the vote would have been very simple: we support the President of the Republic in his decisions. All Chile Vamos matches have the possibility to raise their views. We would like these approaches to be made inside.»
In turn, MR. RN, Francisco Eguiguren, noted that «if there is anyone who has had a vocation for unity, it has been the party president, Mario Desbordes. From the beginning he said that here we were going to accept the decision of the Head of State, whatever that was. All our helmsman asks for is unity, is to be in the mood for agreements, is to solve the problems for the Chileans. That’s why our adversaries aren’t here, they’re out, not even in the front.»
Meanwhile, MR RN Sebastián Torrealba stated that «this government is the government of solutions, because Chileans have been waiting for many years without finding them. Now this government has them on the table and this year we have to focus on executing them. That is the mission that we have in Chile Vamos and, above all, National Renewal, since it is the hinge party of the official iscoalition.»
Finally, the legislator recalled that people have already punished obstructionists and those who believe that the truth is based solely on their convictions.

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