translated from Spanish: They arrest a man after stabbing police and stealing his gun.

Japan.- A man was arrested today in Osaka (western Japan) after stabbing a policeman, stealing his gun and staying on the run for about 24 hours, local authorities reported. The suspect, Yujiro Iimori, 33, allegedly attacked an officer with a white gun on Sunday morning in Suita town, north Osaka, injuring him multiple injuries and leaving the policeman in a serious condition.

Iimori seized the officer’s gun and went on the run, while police decreed a nationwide search and capture order and advised residents of Suita and surrounding areas not to leave their homes until the suspect was located.
Iimori was arrested at 06.30 local time on Monday (21.30 GMT on Sunday) in Mino, a town near Suita with the gun to his credit and loaded with four bullets. The weapon had five shells at the time it was stolen, according to local police.

Man arrested after stabbing police and stealing his gun Photo: Pixabay

The event led to the cancellation of outdoor events and the closure of shops and utilities in the area, local media reported. In addition, the incident took place amid the intensification of security measures in Osaka ahead of the G20 leaders summit that Osaka will host on 28 and 29 days.

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