translated from Spanish: Ernestina Pais crossed to Dario Lopérfido by the number of missing

Ernestina País was invited on the program «Debo Decir», hosted by Luis Novarecio, on Sunday nights in America. There he crossed the former Minister of Culture, Dario Lopérfido, speaking of the number of missing persons. Let us remember that the radio driver is the daughter of the architect and militant of the ERP movement José Miguel Pais, kidnapped by the last Argentine Military Dictatorship. 

While the former official mentioned the number of people abducted during the genocide during that period, the driver confronted him. «No matter how many were, with a missing person in this country was already important. It doesn’t matter if it’s 8 grand, 30 grand or 25 thousand. It’s important not to emphasize the number because that takes down the importance of what happened,» he said.

Pais’s blunt reaction made Loperfido measure his words. «It’s a different, historical theory. For me, the real number, the official number gives each person a number. Every person is important,» he replied. Pais continued: «The Report of the Conadep is done as soon as the Dictatorship is finished. A lot of people didn’t report their relatives out of fear, even the military had strength, there was a chance the Dictatorship would come back (…). Therefore, the report mentions only a few cases.» Loperfido added that the missing persons list was open and recalled that the latest update was made by the Kirchnerist government. «But do you know how many people have not reported it? Entire families are missing,» she insisted.» 30 thousand is taken as a symbolic figure. We all know someone who’s the son of a missing person. Attributing a number to him takes away his value. I want to tell her with respect, as a missing man’s daughter,» The Country closed.

Ernestina Pais crossed into Loperfido and talked about her father

Minutes later, Pais recounted that he did not feel the lack of affection or absence for the role his mother had. «When I had my son I saw how important it is to have a dad. Because my old lady was such a beast, so genius, she didn’t make me feel my dad’s lack in his concrete sense. My old man was present, he knew (what had happened), but there was no lack of affection. I was covered by that kind of beast that’s my mom.» Of his father, he said: «I try to keep it in mind all the time. Everything my old lady gives me about my dad I keep. I’ve got everything from the sign from when it was received to clothes, and I still wear his shirts and pants.»

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