translated from Spanish: St. Louis: Alberto Rodríguez Saá beat his brother Adolfo and was re-elected

As in Santa Fe, Formosa and Tierra del Fuego, this Sunday the general election stakes were held in San Luis, which began with difficulties because of the blackout that suffered most of Argentina.With 99% of the tables counted, Alberto Rodríguez Saá (Frent (e) won 42.18% of the vote and thus gets re-elected. Meanwhile, Claudio Poggi (Alianza St. Louis Unido) came second with 34.65%. In third place and quite far away was Adolfo Rodríguez Saá (Alliance Together for the People) from where he obtained 22.07% of the wills.

Adolfo was «disappointed»
Minutes before the first results were released, the former governor acknowledged the defeat to the formula led by his brother and current provincial representative.» We fought together as much as we could and even though we stayed behind, we are men and women of convictions, who will continue to fight for our convictions,» Adolfo said in statements to the press.
«We are disappointed, sad and tired. I wish the result had been another. The road was difficult from the start,» admitted the PJ senator. 

Let us remember that there were 383,766 qualified struts who also voted for mayors, municipal commissioners, legislators (deputies and senators) and councillors. In this note:

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