translated from Spanish: UmSNH Retirement Reform, a Federation status for access to extraordinary resources

Morelia, Michoacán.- Without a reform of the pension and pension regime we will not be able to access extraordinary resources, emphasized the rector Raúl Cárdenas Navarro who noted that he has never said that pensions are the cause of the university crisis, without however, she showed a document in which the Director of Higher Education of the Ministry of Public Education, Carmen Enedina Rodríguez Armenta reiterates that for the University to access extraordinary resources it must comply with the 5 agreements December last year.
In a meeting with members of the Movement for the Defense of Retirement, the rule of law and university autonomy, he indicated that he was willing to listen to proposals to meet that commitment, so one of the proposals emanating from the Nicolaite professors was the to amend that convention.
In the meeting that lasted an average of two hours, the authorities were questioned about the budget situation of the UMSNH, which explained the treasurer Rodrigo Gómez Monge, who detailed that few universities have a 50 and 50 percent convention
“Of the universities in crisis we are the third most subsidized state and this year the federal grant is recorded at 67.86 percent and the state at 32.14 percent. From 2013 to date it has increased the state subsidy, little, but it has been done,” he said.
In this regard, the teachers commented that the objective of the meeting was fulfilled, however they left the issue of pensions and pensions pending.
In interview, the rector noted that a way should be found to meet this requirement, however he noted that other issues such as high school recognition, student houses and the payment of free pay are not left out.

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