translated from Spanish: Luli Montaruli case: doctor accused of killing young woman will remain in jail in shock

On Tuesday, the pre-trial detention was resolved and it was confirmed that José Paulos (34), the doctor accused of having collided with the death of Luciana “Luli” Montaruli (27) in an accident, will remain in prison. The event occurred in the early morning of Saturday, May 18 at the South Access at Godoy Cruz. He’s charged with simple manslaughter with any eventual will. After an intermediate quarter, Judge Laura Alonso released her decision on the request for pre-trial detention for the doctor Paulos. The magistrate last week heard the allegations of defense attorney Juan Day and the plainsman’s lawyer, Antonio Carrizo, as well as those of prosecutors Liliana Giner and Dario Tagua and decided to keep the charge of simple murder with eventual will. The accused must remain in prison as the lawyer considered that there is a risk of hindering the file as he considered that there is a danger of escape because he is not ingrained and is in a good economic situation. If found guilty at his trial, Paulos could be sentenced to a sentence ranging from 8 to 25 years in prison.

José Paulos, he was drunk.

Paulos drove a VW Gol Trend with 2.12 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, that is, four times as much as allowed. The doctor came back from dancing from the Jagger bowling alley, as did the victims. For his part, the taxi driver’s dosage came back negative. Criminals could not determine the speed at which the cars involved were mobilized because that morning was rainy and the water on the road caused there to be no marks left when the braking occurred. However, there are several witnesses who pointed out that the driver was driving at high speed and that he directly hit the taxi from behind and without braking. The eventThe accident occurred around 6.30 on Saturday 18 May in Acceso Sur, at the height of the descent of Alsina, in Godoy Cruz.Paulos was driving a Gol Trend by Acceso Sur, to the north. Returning from the Jagger bowling, as well as Luciana and her friend, Fernanda.Al to reach Alsina’s descent, the defendant tried to take that artery when he noticed that he was closed for works and abruptly turned to the Access. It was at that moment that he crashed a cab in the back. As a result of that impact, Luciana- who was travelling in the back seat of the taxi and also returning from Jagger, died on the spot. Her friend and taxi driver were not seriously injured. Paulos not only handled alcohol, but also had bottles of various alcoholic beverages. In this note:
luli montaruli
luciana montaruli
josé paulos

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