translated from Spanish: Michoacán educational payroll federalization video released

Morelia, Michoacán.- In a domestic scene, a video illustrates the problem that led Michoacán to request the federalization of the magisterial payroll, currently in process to materialize.
A couple appears next to their two young children in the dining room of the house.
The woman immediately orders the little ones to brush their teeth and seizes the moment to remind her husband that the money is no longer enough.
— John, children already need uniforms. What I gain is no longer enough for us; You promised.
“In the chamba I am told that this month I get the raise. Almost,” he says, in a preoccupied tone.
A voiceover, he explains immediately that the Federal Government must comply with the 1992 agreement, in which it pledged to contribute 90 percent of the money for education in Michoacán.
“As in a family, we must work together so that no child runs out of classes,” she says.
Last April, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he would begin the process to federalize The Magisterial Payroll of Michoacán, as is already the case in Mexico City.
After that, the state government and the federal set up joint working tables to follow up on the transfer process, which could take place in stages.
Yesterday, Governor Silvano Aureoles reported that the state administration completed the delivery of requested documentation, so the next step is expected to be defined at the federal level at the end of this month.

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