translated from Spanish: Campaign #CeroPlásticos is generating a social transformation: Víctor Báez

Pátzcuaro, Michoacán.- In the last two weeks, more than 200 businesses, carriers and academic institutions have joined the Zero Plastics campaign, thus achieving a historic social transformation in the municipality, President Victor reported Báez Ceja.
Following the adoption and publication of the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management and Management Regulation, which envisages banning single-use plastics such as bags, cutlery, cups and inflated plastic packaging, the edil expressed its rejoicing because people who have joined this campaign is limited to saying a simple but resounding “no thanks, without plastics I’m better.”
“Grocery stores, butchers, hardware stores, bakeries, tortillerías, kitchens, fruit shops, fondas, restaurants, schools, carriers, civil associations and social clubs, among many others, were convinced that this campaign is the least effort but the one that has the greatest positive impact on the environment,” he stressed.
Báez Ceja said that joining the campaign #CeroPlásticoses a way to achieve a social transformation that requires the municipality, the environment and, as a consequence, Lake Pátzcuaro. “I’m sure we can live without single-use plastics, it’s a matter of changing our mindset, in almost every case to say: no thanks, I’m better off without plastics, that’s enough.”
The campaign #CeroPlásticossurge as an imposterable need and in the face of the deterioration of the environment and Lake Pátzcuaro, which is being replicated in other municipalities of the state, including other entities in the country. “With these actions the patzcuarens are doing our fair work to contribute to the rescue of our lake, measures that will undoubtedly generate a high positive impact on the environment, we also trust that state and federal bodies do the same for your rescue.”

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