translated from Spanish: Is the Hummer coming back?

One of the American classics could be republished after it was discontinued nearly a decade ago. According to general motors spokesmen, the possibility of reviving it is being considered, but electric.
The Hummer has been a vehicle used for multiple purposes and fetish of the celebrities of that northern country.
Its origin was as a military vehicle for the U.S. Army: with unique robustness and performance he was christened Humvee. It was manufactured by AM General Corporation, a division of government for the manufacture of combat vehicles.
In 1995 this company decided to take it to the streets under the M998 HMMW series under the name Hummer. Three years later this brand was sold to General Motors which continued to make the vehicles.
The original vehicle was later renamed H1 and the H2 and H3 series were added that were adapted to the city and were not as wide as the military model.
In 2010 GM closed Hummer’s assembly line due to low sales and these vehicles to date have been set to be classics.
Now according to this rumor, the new Hummer could have an electrical system, not only because of a matter of taking care of the environment but also because of its high consumption.
Just remember that the Hummer H1 had a 6.5-litre engine that delivered about 605 horsepower. The Hummer H2 mounted a 6.2-liter, 393 hp V8 and the Hummer H3 carried under its hood the powerful 5.3-litre naftero V8 thruster and 315 horsepower, although it was also offered with a 245 hp 3.7L mechanic.
With these large thrusters the arrival of the electric option could be feasible for the Hummer firm to produce another of these off-road vehicles.

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