translated from Spanish: The Minute of Power 19062019

The footprint that Minister Mañalich left at the CLC

In October 2017, the then ex-Minister of Health of the first government of Sebastián Piñera returned to the Las Condes Clinic, where he had previously been its director for 15 years. He came back right in the middle of a crisis and in CLC management did and undid. With cold blood, he lowered the costs of the clinic, taking drastic measures. Everything, absolutely everything, went through the doctor’s hands. Read the note.
The risks and costs of prolonged monetary easing
Aren’t central banks understanding the risks associated with the current monetary policy strategy, what has changed in the world so that the phenomena of stagflation (inflation stagnation) of previous decades are not repeated? Alejandro Puente delves the theme into the column of the day.
EDF in Danger Following Trump’s Decision

The Fed, meeting this week to establish a policy, has been repeatedly mocked by Trump, who broke a tradition of public silence about monetary policy at the White House for nearly three decades. Read Bloomberg’s note.
The cumbersome “transparency” of hospital beds
Amid high health demand and lack of beds in the public sector, both for emergency care and scheduled surgeries, some included in the Boom and so many others on the waiting list, the public-private health sector relationship has only deepened time. But when requesting this information – precarious at times – it is striking that it is not centralised. No Edit tells you.

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