translated from Spanish: Alfredo Cornejo, head of list for national MP of officialism

Within hours of the deadline for candidates for the national PASSES of August 11, the places on the ballots begin to be filled. The owner of the UCR Nacional brought together the mayors of Cambia Mendoza in the residence of La Puntilla, with roast menu included. Were the leaders of Godoy Cruz, Tadeo García Zalazar; of Luján de Cuyo and the former pre-candidate for governor, Omar de Marchi; of Guaymallén, Marcellin Iglesias; By General Alvear, Walter Marcolini; Daniel Orozco and Rivadavia, Miguel Ronco. Also of the political-culinary departure were the chief of staff Andrés Lombardi, the undersecretary of Institutional Relations, Néstor Majul and the candidates for mayors by Cambia Mendoza.  In the previous week, Cornejo and De Marchi met at Casa Rosada to finish arming with President Mauricio Macri, Marcos Peña and Rogelio Frigerio, the provincial and national strategy for the national primaries. The second place, as parity indicates, will be intended for a woman, would be the radical kidney and her name will be known in the next few hours. Meanwhile, the announcement for this Friday of the candidates of the Frente Elegie – the second most voted force in the provincial STEPS – is expected to carry as candidate for governor Anabel Fernández Sagasti. From the national senator’s environment, they didn’t want to confirm names, but they anticipated that they’re not on the radar of speculation. 

Anabel Fernández Sagasti spent Flag Day in Palmyra.
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