translated from Spanish: In The United States, they kill a bear for being too human-friendly

Photograph/WCSO Oregon
America.- A black bear cub was killed for being too friendly to humans to the extent that humans could take pictures with the animal and it or become undeterred.
A few days ago, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon Department of Fisheries received two calls that the bear had come into contact with groups of people gathered on Lake Henry Hagg. Aware of the danger that even a young bear can pose to humans, the authorities sent a warning message to the public, urging people not to be fooled from their sweet looks or to take selfies with it, as they did a lot of people.

Deputies are working to get this bear cub near Hagg Lake to go back into the woods… please stay away from the area near Boat Ramp A.
— WCSO Oregon (@WCSOOregon) June 13, 2019

Days later, two wildlife-savvy biologists went looking for the bear with the intention of relocating it. Eventually, they found him near a road eating leftover food that someone had left there expressly for him.
The bear was not frightened to see the two biologists approaching and that, for them, was decisive. “We saw that it was a risk to human health and safety, and we had to eliminate it,” one of the biologists said in statements to USA Today. According to experts, relocating it was no longer a possible option.
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