translated from Spanish: Lionel Messi: “I saw the wardrobe hurt but convinced to go out and win”

Lionel Messi cut the streak and scored the first Argentine goal in this Copa America, although it hardly served a draw that remains to see if it was valuable to the group’s development. After the Paraguayan match, Messi spoke at a press conference.” At no point did I realize it was a criminal. He told me the “Kun” who hit the hand in Lautaro’s shot. I was convinced. With this new law of archers, that they cannot be overtaken, they become more difficult. I think it favors us,” the crack of Barcelona said.” We started well the first 15 minutes, having the ball and a pretty clear idea. Not creating chances but handling the ball. Their goal comes out of nowhere, runs out of their court and changes the game. We got messy, we went crazy and they had the chance of the second,” Messi said. Sometimes it’s hard because the party takes you crazy and when we start making mistakes, we leave spaces, facilities and so we tried to put peace of mind.” Finally, he referred to the group’s encouragement for the party with Qatar and the responsibility to win if or if to agree to the round. “I saw him hurt in the locker room because we had to win and we knew it. But I see him convinced to go and win the match we have left and we have to win at least one match to pass, because otherwise it’s too hard.” In this note:

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