translated from Spanish: Lionel Scaloni: “We are lucky enough to still be alive”

The draw left a lot of doubts in the running and knows that triumph with Qatar is the solution to everything, although you will have to expect new results. However, the coach spoke of the tie with Paraguay, with all the guns pointing to Martinez’s change for Di María.” Lautaro wasn’t well. We had spoken at half-time and he continued because physically he is an animal. It was complicated in the lower back by a paralytic,” the coach said at the first conference consultation, and then talked about the game.

Lionel Scaloni, at a press conference. Photo: Twitter @Argentina

“The first half was not good, we were unwaited for the moment and the first time we get, they make the goal and that creates an uncertainty. The best thing that could have happened to us was getting to halftime. The second half of the time we had cons that could have avoided them,” Scaloni added.He also analyzed the moment where the trident messi-Agaero-Martínez worked. “I don’t know if the best version, but if the most dangerous. We had a lot more presence in the area and Sergio (Agéero) came in very well. It is true that at that point in the match we ate two or three cons that we could have avoided it.” The more offensive players you have, the more potential you have, but in the court line you eat the risk of being dominated by the game. The minutes they were on the court did well, they were cool, but you have to have a center of another short. At one point we thought about it and they’re offensive,” he said.

The coach did not rule out Argentina from playing with Agéero and Lautaro Martínez starting. Twitter @Argentina

More from Lionel Scaloni after the tie against Paraguay
“We need to win the next game and we still know if we’re here. The solution is that we have to win and we will take stock of what we did well and what we didn’t do well. We’re lucky enough to still be alive and try to find the best version to win the game.” The four changes of the start: “When one changes, look for something else or for the match itself. To be honest, the first half was not good, there is no need to repeat it. We’ll find a way for the team to have the second-half version and be balanced. We have to turn it around to look for that and power in the opposite area.” Argentina’s version: “I think the second half with Colombia was better than this. This second half was more of a push, win and have a presence on the parea and not so much to play well. With Colombia we were superior to the rival and today we were not superior.” Armani’s good match: “We trust Franco. He’s our starting goalkeeper, and although he’s a criminal, he does his job like the rest of his teammates. I’m guessed you’ve had a good performance.” The departures of Martínez and Pereyra: “Medical part of Lautaro does not, I know that it has the area very swollen and when you get cold you have a hard time moving. I hope you have a chance to play the next game. The theme of “Tucu” (Pereyra) was a tactical theme and I decided to change it to it.” The Celso and Paredes: “When they play together and we have control of the match no problem, the problem is when the match goes crazy and the version of them goes unnoticed. If we’re in control, they both move the team. In times when it’s crazy, the game needs another kind of player.” The rebellion in the second half: “It makes sense in a team like Argentina that it has so much need to win that if things are not going well the first blow is important. The first half we talked that it was just a goal and that we couldn’t get another one that could be but. That’s what you work on, but the player has to know how to assimilate and get over it.”” We changed one player and the team was another. I think the team feels disadvantaged and went looking for it. Therein lies the positive and the idea was to make more football than the 2 minutes with Colombia and try to do it from the beginning”.Changes to Qatar?: “The intention is and must be carried out but make some tins. It is difficult with team players or with a tactical variation that all three can play. We’ll try to find a way because I think the best version was that. We’ll see if she’s the one for the next game.” In this note:

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