translated from Spanish: Macri vs. the Moyano: “We don’t want any more ducky exercise of power”

Participating in an event for Flag Day in the city of Rosario, President Mauricio Macri said that “we do not want to live with the lie anymore, with the concealment, nor with the mafias.”
“We don’t want any more ducky exercise of power.”

In another stretch of his speech, accompanied by the local mayor, the socialist Monica Fein, and security minister Patricia Bullrich, Macri spoke of “the duckling of transport”. 
“Argentina has the highest cost of transportation in the region and that is the product of privileges illegally accumulated by Mr. Hugo Moyano and Pablo Moyano that lead to the cost of the highest truck in the region.”

“We continue to bet on dialogue as we do at the Productivity Tables we have generated since we were government. In this dialogue we have advances shows in the automotive industry, in energy in Vaca Muerta. And there are seated guilds of each specific activity, because luckily not all guilds behave like the Moyano guild,” the president said.
“We are all committed to creating this Argentina without undue privileges, without abuse, with the truth.”

Original source in Spanish

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