translated from Spanish: Mañalich’s “fund pattern” style puts him in trouble in Congress: Senate Health Committee evaluates vetoing it

The first great controversy of the new Mañalich era in the mini Health sterio may end up being more than an outburst for the former manager of Clínica Las Condes. This, because Senator Rabindranath Quinteros (PS) directly raised the option of marginalizing him from the Senate Health Committee.
In this way, he escalates controversy over the sayings of Mañalich, who called senators who are asking for funding for the Cancer Act “ignorant” and political lypeed. “With this attitude of the minister the truth is that it is not worth talking to him and we are even seriously thinking about not giving the quorum when he comes to the Health Committee. It’s all going to the trash for his expressions,” the chairman of the Upper House Health Committee emphasized.
The possibility of vetoing Mañalich is a threat to the government’s health agenda, taking into account that the Under-Secretary for Assistance Networks, Luis Castillo, is already marginalized in the Chamber of Deputies.
Castillo suffers the veto articulated by the DC, who points to him for his role in the cover-up of the murder of Eduardo Frei Montalva. In fact, the party has insistently asked for his departure from office, but without success because the government has ratified it time and time again.
With Castillo banned from Congress, during the management of former minister Emilio Santelices, he had to be the secretary of state in charge of unfolding to fulfill his responsibilities in Congress, a scenario that could be repeated today.
Calls from the opposition
Now, while Mañalich’s sayings were funded in substance by the Government, there were statements of condemnation in the opposition, such as that of the national directive of Christian Democracy.
The Phalanx issued a statement urging the Government to “reconsider its stance,” and accused Mañalich of “diverting attention and transforming the discussion between those who are defending funding for the Cancer Act and the Minister, when the problem is the President Sebastián Piñera’s debt to cancer patients.”
Likewise, the President of the Senate, Jaime Quintana (PPD), announced that “we are going to call on the Government, the President of the Republic himself, to reaffirm what the way and tone with which we will relate will be.”
“If it comes to seeing who is ignorant about an issue, clearly ignorance is not in the Senate,” Quintana concluded.

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