translated from Spanish: Moyano on Macri: “He has no respect for anything, he is unconscious, an incapable”

The leader of the Truckers’ Union, Hugo Moyano, responded today to the criticism struck by President Mauricio Macri in the flag day event. “He has no respect for anything, is an unconscious, an incapable” and “not in a position to drive the country’s destinations,” Moyano said of Macri, who today said his family has “illegally accumulated privileges” that generate the “highest transportation cost of the region” and produce “unemployment.” 

“I don’t know how to rate your attitude. I don’t know if he’s a brainless, an incapable, because to say the nonsense he said doesn’t get into anyone’s head,” He then considered Hugo Moyano.Visibly annoyed by the president’s statements, the trade unionist criticized that he was held accountable for being “responsible for the inflation, that people are out of work.”
“It is of such brutality that one is no longer surprised at the nonsense that this gentleman says”

Asked whether he considered Macri’s speech to be an invitation to the Judiciary to advance against him, Moyano replied, “Going in cana with a gorilla, anti-worker, anti-poor and delivering government like this gentleman’s, would be a reward.” Moyano linked Macri’s criticism to his “intention since the government began to do labor reform” and noted that “it is what the IMF demands and the barrier is Truckers.”

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