translated from Spanish: Schiaretti goes with a short ballot: “Let people vote the president they want”

The Peronism of Cordoba with Governor Juan Schiaretti at the helm, decided to participate only with a list of national deputies in the October elections and gave “freedom of action” for the Cordoba to vote for the presidential candidate of their choice, with what who avoided speaking out by any of the applicants who seek the head of state.” We go with the short list to defend Córdoba,” Schiaretti announced at the close of the Provincial PJ Congress, where the list of candidates that will be headed by the legislator Carlos Gutiérrez was approved. 
“Vote the president you like but vote for the deputies of We for Cordoba,” the representative warned in a message also sent to the quartermasters and PJ leaders whom he asked “to work to keep the Deputies we put at stake.”

The provincial representative re-elected – one of the co-founders of the defunct Federal Alternative coalition – considered the coming election to be “difficult,” so it called for the “mobilization capacity to reach each Cordoba” national MPs in the sector.” That people have their heads on who will be the President,” Schiaretti said in his speech, and clarified that the Cordoba should also know that “there will be no political force that has the majority in the next Congress and therefore to defend Cordoba in a cross country or the crack requires national deputies to respond to the province.”
“For us first is Cordoba, for Cordoba Peronism there is no partisan discipline that is worthwhile. First there is Cordoba, second is Cordoba….” he exclaimed.

He also stressed that “there is no crack in Cordoba. Everyone can think what they want. Everyone can think differently. We want the union of the Argentines, that there is no crack in the country,” he reiterated. In this way, Schiaretti avoided leaning towards any of the pre-candidates for the Presidency of the Nation and left the door open for citizens to choose freely, not only among Peronists, as his words show. Prior to Schiaretti’s closing speech, the congress approved the list of candidates for national deputies of Te por Córdoba, which will be headed by the provincial legislator Gutiérrez, who is followed by the Secretary of Organization and Management Penitentiary, Claudia Martínez, and the President of the Unicameral Legislature, Oscar González.Then Carolina Basualdo, Facundo Torres, Nora Bedano, Gustavo Tévez, Paula Córdoba and Cayetano Canto.In addition, Schiaretti thanked those who voted for him on May and allowed him to be re-elected and paid tribute to former governor and former ambassador José Manuel De la Sota, who died last year in a road accident. Meanwhile, Martín Llaryora, elected mayor of Cordoba, stressed that “our model of governance was supported by an overwhelming majority of Cordoba of the most varied thoughts in the recent election of provincial authorities, and to that we must respect it “. In this note:

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