translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Pampita and Amalia Granata discussed live over abortion

After being elected provincial deputy of Santa Fe, Amalia Granata was a guest on a mobile with Carolina Ardohaín’s program, Pampita.La former of Benjamin Vicuña has previously pointed out that for religious reasons an abortion would not be performed,p who understands those who carry it out and you have to worry about the women who die to have them done underground. For its part, Granata is against legalization and when the subject was touched, the discussion got heated to the air. Pampita asked him if he had statistics on women dying from clandestine abortions, and Granata claimed it was only 20 a year. The driver replied: “What leads these 20 women a year to make this very extreme decision? Because as much as the law does not allow it, they do it the same and lose their lives.” And, the media said, “Yes, and you’re going to have to keep doing it underground because you go kill a child, go and cut a child into the womb, you can’t do it or allow it.”” Imagine how strong the circumstances of your life will be that make it the same. That the law exists does not incentivize the one who does not want or the one who thinks it is wrong. It’s not going to be used as a birth control,” replied Pampita who didn’t settle for Granata’s response.” Inside the woman’s body is a baby, going to abort is a human scourge, it is attacking a vulnerable person. That’s the message you have to give to young people, not that inside there’s a set of cells that don’t feel anything. That’s why going to have an abortion is like going to get a tooth out of you, it’s the wrong message that worries me that was given last year,” she said. When faced with the personal testimony of a panelist, Granata noted “I was bored, sorry”, Pampita lost patience. “I just heard you say ‘I got bored.’ In December you will assume your position and you saw that it is hours and hours of debate, where our representatives will go to be listened to and treated with respect. I hope you take advantage of these months to develop diplomacy, patience, good treatment. You’re going to need your position. Here we listen to you with a lot of respect but it would be nice if it were mutual,” the model said.” I’m doing the mobile for Gaston Trezeguet (the former “Big Brother”, producer of the cycle), who has been calling me for almost three months. Today I have a terrible, impossible day, besides it’s my husband’s birthday, and I’m here. I’m bored that they want to make me change my mind. They interview me knowing how I think. That makes me tired,” Amalia replied.” You’re going to have to face this situation many times,” Ardohaín replied.


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