translated from Spanish: Deputy Issa Kort (UDI): “We expect Mexico to request extradition from Palma Salamanca”

Deputy Issa Kort (UDI) said he was hopeful that Mexico would request the extradition of Ricardo Palma Salamanca, after the conviction of the former former former former former renterist Raúl Escobar Poblete, known as “Commander Emilio”, was known, responsibility for the abduction of a French-American citizen of that country.
The attorney general’s office of Guanajuato involved Palma Salamanca, syndicated in the murder of Jaime Guzmán, as one of the participants in the crime committed by Escobar Poblete with his ex-wife, Marcela Mardones, and his last partner, Isabel Mizarro.
In response, Kort stated on his Twitter account: “From the beginning we have said categorically that we have well-founded suspicions of acting terrorist together. Jaime Guzmán’s killers have continued to instill terror. We hope that Mexico will ask for extradition from Palma Salamanca and that France will stop protecting it politically.”
Mexican justice last Friday sentenced Raúl Escobar Poblete to 60 years in prison for the kidnapping in the town of San Miguel de Allende. Now, the aim is to capture the rest of the gang, including Palma Salamanca, who applied for asylum in France. 

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