translated from Spanish: Hugo Moyano: “I don’t know if Macri teased us, the intention is to scare us”

A few moments ago and in tune with what has been raised in the last hours was that the leader of the Truckers’ Union, Hugo Moyano, referred to the words spoken by President Mauricio Macri in the context of the act for flag day. “I rate it as a duck, one of the many nonsense it commits and does constantly. Both he and those who advise him have no notion of what freight transport is, it is one of the activities that contributes the most to the State,” he said. In dialogue with Futurock, Moyano noted that “truckers are the ones who contribute the most to the ‘work tax’ Why don’t they say we’re the ones who contribute the most?” 

The reference of one of the most important guilds in Argentina also referred to the possible treatment of the labor reform project, a point reinforced by the now-pre-candidate Vice-President, Miguel Angel Pichetto.” I don’t know if he teased us. Their intention is to intimidate us so that we can carry out the pretence of reducing and modifying collective labour agreements. They’re not going to get this, they’re not going to get us to sign the firm where a right is taken from the worker,” the former lawmaker said in this vein. Asked about the presence of the senator for Rio Negro in the formula Together for Change, Moyano was blunt: “I think this is the same as having the best cabin on the Titanic, that’s all said.” Ultimately, the trade unionist referred to the possibility of reunpage disregard in the short term: “If employers prefer to listen to the Government leaving in December, they will obviously not be able to avoid the right of the work of the right to strike,” he concluded. In this note:

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