translated from Spanish: Kenita Larraín revealed romance with Enrique Iglesias

Maria Eugenia Larraín, Kenita, was in the program Viva la pipol! from Chilevisión where he confessed the affair he had with the Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias.Si well in his biography does not confirm the romance,Larraín took the opportunity to confirm it. Julio César Rodríguez: “Raise your hand to which Enrique Iglesias invited to leave”. Kenita Larraín: “Because it came out in the book. The thing is, at the time, I was in college. This must have been like the year 87″Pamela Diaz: “In the Scratch of Viña or not?” Larraín: “No, in the Crocodile. Imagine. But, the first time I saw him was in… The thing is, he did a concert in San Carlos de Apoquindo and I did a lot of promotions at the time. I did a Crystal beer promotion. And all of a sudden, everyone in a group, even with the production, had a party in Oz, where there was a fashion show, the typical, the famous Oz.” Diaz: “And how? Did he invite you? Did he see you and invite you?” Larraín: “No, no. That’s where we met, and then nothing, we kept talking on the phone for a while. Then he returned in a moment to Viña and there we found ourselves in the Crocodile. I remember we went to eat, but things like that. But many years ago, very small”Rodriguez: “How old were you there?” Larraín: “About twenty-something and something. No, and I’m going to say something. At that minute, I knew there was a singer named Enrique, but, at least for me, he wasn’t that well-known. I was just getting started. But you know what? So nice and so funny. He has a sense of humor that was like that captivated. Besides, it’s slob, super tall. Well, there’s a reason he’s got such a rich dad too, “Rodriguez: “But how did he approach you, Kenita? How do you know he’s nice and funny? Because in the book it comes out that they didn’t come out and here you are saying…”Larraín: “The book I didn’t write it, let’s go that way. But very nice. I was able to share with him at meals. Once we were also…”Rodriguez: “Ah! Gone out several days”Larraín: “Again, through Carlos Lara, a friend, we went to eat to the Magpies”Rodríguez: “Did you go out several days then?” Larraín: “Yes, because we stay in touch, we always talk on the phone. We became friends. And it’s really a sympathy, which I think it can’t convey on stage”Rodriguez: “Did you have Viper at that time?” Larraín: “Truth, Viper. No, we were talking on the phone, but at that time it was long-distance. It’s not like now, that everything is free, it’s easier. He called me thank God.” We met in Santiago, at the recital he did in San Carlos de Apoquindo. And then the Crocodile. The thing is, he went back to Chile, and since we’ve always been on the phone, then we got together there. First we went to eat in Viña and then we met there.” When I met him, he was just with the song Religious Experience. In fact, I’m going to be more honest. I omitted. I’m going to complete. When we met, we were always in groups, with more people. But then, the next day, he was going to Argentina to sing. And in the morning he calls me on the phone and says ‘do you want to go with me to Argentina?'” And it was heavy, because I was like ‘ no, yes, no…’. Besides, I was on my birthday too. And some of the motivations, besides that I found him super nice and everything…”Diaz: “Ya, you liked, obvious”Larraín: “But I didn’t like it before as an artist. It is not like the case of Luis Miguel, that I always admired him and it was always my platonic love. This was totally different. But I really liked his personality a lot.

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