translated from Spanish: Opposition warns Minister Cubillos and announces constitutional charge for «inefficient and negligent» management

The management of Marcela Cubillos in the Ministry of Education lives its most complicated hours. Faced with the total break in the relationship between her and the teachers, who now directly place President Sebastián Piñera, she now has to face a possible constitutional indictment.
On Friday, the socialist party’s deputies’ bench announced the preparation of a constitutional indictment against the holder of the portfolio, as indicated by the head of the bench, Manuel Monsalve. «There is still work on the legal basis but also on the political basis that supports a constitutional indictment,» he explained, confirming progress in the legal basis of the eventual constitutional indictment.
According to Monsalve, they have gathered «background to substantiate that the minister has inefficient and negligent action in law enforcement.» For the prosecution to thrive, from the PS they have «developed conversations to bring in actors,» such as the Radical Party, the Broad Front and Christian Democracy.
«There is a national unemployment of teachers, from all fields of education. This demonstrates the lack of capacity and will to be able to conduct the Mineduc properly. The minister has only one objective: to weaken public education and strengthen private education,» added the PS leader.
Within the opposition there are signs of support for this constitutional accusation. Precisely the deputy of the Common Party and chair of the education commission of the lower house, Camila Rojas, had already been targeting Cubillos, stating that «the minister plays a role very similar to that of José Antonio Kast, but within the government, then the Mineduc serves to enhance that wing of the right.»
In the afternoon, THE PS-driven conversations paid off. The Communist and Independent Party bench noted, through a statement, that it «agrees with the need to study the feasibility of this action.»
«The Minister’s refusal to open channels of solution to demand for teachers and educators of kindergartens are some of the reasons that motivate us to examine the exercise of this faculty of the House,» they added.
For the constitutional indictment to pass the previous issue, the next objective of the PS bench is to convince the radicals, the DC and RD of the technical feasibility of action against the minister so that he can get around the previous issue in Congress.

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