translated from Spanish: They unreleased single and announce New Jenni Rivera Album

Long Beach, USA. – Within days of Jenni Rivera’s 50th birthday, the relatives of “the band’s diva” announced the release of a posthumous single by the singer and also an unreleased new album. The single, from which the title was not revealed, will go on sale on July 2nd, the day when Jenni Rivera would celebrate half a century of life. 

“The family and nephews decided to celebrate Jenni’s life in this way and also give a gift to the fans,” He revealed Lupillo Rivera, brother of the ill-fashioned singer. 
It was the artist’s brother Juan Rivera who found the themes when he was looking for material for a recording. “They’re all unreleased songs and we’re going to release three or four singles first before the album so I can prolong my sister’s career,” he told Efe Juan Rivera. On the first single, Juan Rivera warned that the song reflects “the essence of Jenni Rivera, all her passion, all her strength, is a subject that is heard very vulnerable, but at the same time with the voice power that Jenni Rivera has”, he emphasized. 

A video will accompany the release of this first single that comes under the Sony Music label. Thirty followers of this diva of Mexican regional music attended guests to the exclusive event held in her native Long Beach (California) with a small media group, including Efe, to hear the song for the first time. “Apparently fine but I’m in pieces,” reads the chorus of the song, which will come out in band, pop and mariachi version. Rosa Saavedra, the artist’s mother, confessed to Efe that she was “very moved” to hear her.
The band’s diva died in a plane crash in Mexico on December 9, 2012 in an event that shocked the country and made headlines for weeks. In today’s event, which served to celebrate the singer’s birthday in advance, one of the two full dresses were shown that managed to recover in the mountainous area where the jet on which the singer and six other people were traveling fell. “It’s just as we found it, we haven’t washed it, we want to keep everything about Jenni just like she left it, it’s the first time the audience has seen this dress,” explained Rosie Rivera, the artist’s sister. This week it was also learned that the singer will be the protagonist of a biographical film prepared by the audiovisual companies Mucho Mas Media and De Line Pictures with the support of their relatives. Kate Lanier, who signed the script for the film “What’s Love Got to Do with It” (1993) about singer Tina Turner, will be in charge of writing the film. The family also reported that a documentary about the last days of Jenni Rivera’s life could come to light at the end of the year, a project that is under the direction of Emilio Estefan.

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